Thursday, 21 May 2015

Art Student Survival 101: Money Is Funny

 One of the biggest problems for an art student is money. No matter how much money you save, you cry a little every time you walk into that art supply store. So here is some advice to dry those tears away!

Quality over Quantity-

There is a reason why some art stuff cost more than others and why they are considered to be a better investment in the long run. But what you have to do is to pick which one is worth the investment like for example paint, most cheap acrylic paints (That I have used) are very watery, less opaque and can finish easily compared to more expensive acrylics. 

Get what you need-

Never spend on something by impulse, because it is your money being thrown away after all, so before you even think about buying that ridiculously over priced something..well think again!

Reuse, Recycle and spontaneous -

If there is a canvas lying around that is has a failed attempt of a painting, sketch, or etc on it, don't hesitate to reuse them because it's a waste. All you need is good quality white paint and your good. If there is pencils, pens lying around your house which have been tucked away somewhere, use them. Be spontaneous, Art is an excuse to be spontaneous. See what you have and find away to use them. It saves money and makes extra points for creativity.

Be on a strict Budget - 

Before you go out and buy your art stuff, buy food. Because for me, after I buy food it usually makes me more money hungry and  determined what I want to get.If that doesn't work, just remember the value of money and investment because when you're in a place filled with things that interest you, it can be very distracting and blocks the actual reason you were there in the first place .So Remember!

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