Sunday, 31 May 2015

Art Student Survival: Finding Inspiration.

Inspiration  has to be the hardest process to begin with whether it is Art, Decorating, Music and etc. We live on a modern day society where everything is on repeat to the point where it gets boring. So I have decided to give words to what I have expirence.

Inspiration is everywhere, you just got to find it.

(Armada art festival)

From the art vendor across town to your own home, inspiration can be everywhere. It's there, you just don't see it. We are human beings with an imagination, we can turn something dull into something beautiful. There is a place for inspiration and we have to seize it at will.

Don't hold back on imagination

(Old high school project)

Speaking of imagination, it is not only a place to escape but to withdraw creativity no matter how weird or crazy it seems to be. Imagination is in our heads and at this point in our lives, no one is there to judge. Just remember if it seems great to you, draw it down before you instantly forget about it.

Be patient

It takes a lot of time to find inspiration, sometimes it could take days or even weeks to find it. But don't be discourage to find yourself empty. But once it hits you. It will hit you like a wrecking ball and all the thoughts and creativity will be glorious.

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